Monday, December 23, 2013

Special New Year

"Oye!! what are those?"

"these are added attractions."

"Do you know how to use them?"

"well not a biggg deal. I am smart enough to manage and there's always some youtube guides available"

"Whatever!! I think you gonna ruin your looks"

"eh!! don't be jealous girl. You can use 'em too"  ;) Aisha winks smirkily

This was teenager Aisha's first date on Christmas eve and she was overly excited. Though she meets Raahil regularly in college but they never went on a proper date. She just wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. She got a full new make up kit to get that perfect sexy-beautiful look and amaze her boyfriend.

Annie (Aisha's roomie) decided to help her out. They spent hours on finding how Aisha can look perfect on her date. Though Annie was not in favor of make-up, yet she was excited and wanted to experiment with make-ups.

Finally, Aisha was ready after several rounds of make-up on and off and on.

[ Aisha meets Raahil ]

"Hey sexy lady! welcome. You are looking just different" Raahil was actually amazed

"Thank you." Aishaa blushes.

"lets go out for a dinner."

" Sure"

..........After sometime]

"Raahil..we have spent almost 3hours and you do not seem to have noticed me. No compliments for my looks. I had spent hours on it. you didn't even come close to wish Good night"

"Aisha, baby you are looking so perfect. I don't want to spoil your make-up. A kiss or some intimacy may ruin it. May be another day sweetheart, may be when you are just yourself. Now, I think you should go up to your room. Bye,  good night."

"Ok. bye" Aisha couldn't understand what he meant. Completely puzzled.

She told this to Annie when she asked about the date.

"I don't know what he meant. I am not sure whether he was surprised or happy to see my make-over"

"Aisha you are just stupid." Annie pulled her blanket on and slept off.

"Annie....I don't know if I we would have same charm when we see each other in class tomorrow. I am just feeling not so good about this. Everything was perfect yet incomplete. I wanted it to be special, but..." (sad)

"Aisha, just sleep for now. We will make it a very special New year.
Anyways, before you sleep don't forget to make a wish to Santa today"

The next week, Aisha meets Raahil for the New Year bash. He hugs her, also pulls her cheeks and kisses her.
"You are so cute. I never knew that you are so soft smooth and cute. you are just awesome and lovely. I love you so much baby. Its my happiest new year being with you"

This time she was without make up. Just a cute dress, regular kajal ,neatly tied hair and Annie's

Last week Annie (Aisha's Santa) gifted her dove soap, on her wish to it make a special new year with Raahil. :)


Friday, March 22, 2013

माँ – तुम सदा मुसकुराना !!!

माँ तुम रोती हो
मुझे अच्छा नही लगता
तेरे आंसुओं को देख
मै भी रो पड़ता हूँ
माँ तू दुखी होती है
मुझे अच्छा नही लगता
तेरी उदासी को देख
मेरा भी दिल दुखता है
रोता हुआ तो म आया था
तूने ही तो चुप कराया
मुझे मुस्कुरा कर देखा
ओर सीने से लगाया
तूने तो बस प्यार दिया
तूने ही तो हसना सिखाया
काबी ज़ोर से डांट दिया
फिर तूने तो प्यार भी किया
माँ तू हँसती हुई अच्छी लगती है :D :)
तुझे देख कर मै भी हँसता हूँ
तेरी मुस्कान को देख
मैं भी खुश हो जाता हूँ
मैं रोऊँ तो तुम मत रोना
मेरे पास आना पर उदास न होना
सर पर हाथ फेरना और
मुझे चूम कर बस हँस देना
मैं तुमसे नाराज़ हो जाऊँ
तब भी तुम नाराज़ ना होना
मुझे डांटना मारना
और गले से लगा लेना
जहां भी मैं जाऊँ
तुम मेरे साथ ही रहना
तुम मेरे साथ होती हो माँ
तो मै सबसे लड़ लेता हूँ
क्यूकी मुझे पता है
तू मेरी माँ है मै तेरा बेटा हूँ
मै अच्छा बुरा जैसा भी हूँ
तुम तो बस मुझे अपना लाल मानती हो
मैं सबसे बेहतर हूँ
ये तुम ही तो एहसास दिलाती हो
इसीलिए तो माँ-
तुम पास होती हो तो
सब अच्छा -अच्छा सा लगता है
ओर तुम रोती हो तो
मै भी रो पड़ता हूँ :’(

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jiyo Nidar

हम तो अकेले अंधेरों में जीते हैं
हर पल तूफानों में चलते है

डरते तो वो हैं जो -
भीड़ में रहते हैं ,
और दिन के उजाले में भी
हवा के झोंकों से घबरा जाते हैं .

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ek Ladki...Masoom Zindagi

Kyu teri Zindagi kisi or ki jaagir h
kehne ko tu azaad h
par teri zindagi dusro k khatir h
kyu tu amaanat h
kyu tu zimmedari h
kyu tu chinta ka karan h
or tera jana, chinta ka sbse bada nivaran h
kyu tumhe sambhale rkhna h-
kyuki tumhe kahi or jana h,
kyuki tu toh parayi h,
tujhe kisi or k paas bhejna h?
tu akeli ho toh fikar h
tu kisi or k sath ho toh parwah h
tu ghar me rhe to gawar h
tu bahar ghume toh awaara h
kyu tu aisi h
kyu nhi oron k jaisi h
kyu nhi jeeti apni zindagi
kiske liye sambhale rakhi h
mai ek abhi ek beti hu
fir kabi kisi ki bahu or patni hu
meri zindagi abi ma-baap ki zimmedari h
kyuki ye toh mere pati ki jaagir h
maa-baap ka karz h
unhe kaise dukh du
sasural mera farz h
farz se kaise mukar jau
mai ek ladki hu
sabka sukh dekhti hu
fir kuch bache toh
apne baare me sochti hu